About me

Name: Roger Johansson
Location: Sweden

Email: rogeralsing@gmail.com


Started programming at the age of 10 on my first computer, the Commodore64.
I started out with Basic and later moved on to Asm/Machine code (6510).
I was also active in the demo scene as a graphics artist on the C64 period.
Active in demo groups as Noice and Fairlight.

My professional career started 1999 as a VB6 and ASP3 developer / teacher.
Once C# was released I dropped VB and have been doing C# ever since.


Aspect oriented programming
An interest which lead me to develop NAspect (www.puzzleframework.com)

O/R Mapping
Not so much the actual mapping theories, that’s more Mats department, personally I’m more interested in the infrastructure that is needed to make an O/R mapper work.
(see also DMM, a must read article by Mats)

Co-developer of NPersist (www.puzzleframework.com)

Code Parsing
I’ve got a serious fetish for parsing (Don’t ask me why, I just do)

Parser related projects I’m working on:

  • SyntaxBox – Syntax highlighting windows forms control, based on a generic parser that can highlight pretty much any language. (www.puzzleframework.com)
  • NPath – Domain query language, parsing and in mem execution engine. (www.puzzleframework.com)
  • My Lisp – .NET based Lisp hybrid with OOP support and .NET integration.

Graphics related programming

I’ve always been a very visual person, I like to get a visual feedback on what I’m doing.
Therefore I’ve always liked graphics programming, both 2D and 3D.
Demos in the past and windows forms controls today.

Evolution / Genetic Algorithms / Genetic Programming

Just because natural selection is so cool that you are able to read this..