Akka.NET + Azure: Azure ServiceBus integration

I know that there is some confusion out there on how Akka.NET relates to products like NServiceBus and Azure ServiceBus, I think that Akka.NET Co-founder Aaron Stannard said it the best; they’re very complimentary Akka.NET makes a great consumer or producer for NServiceBus Another closely related question that comes up from time to time is how to integrate Akka.NET…More

Learning Azure, Day 2 | Servicebus

This is a continuation of my completely random learning experiences while trying to learn the Azure plattform. Future messages When you send a message on the Azure Servicebus, you have the option to set a ScheduledEnqueueTimeUtc property. This value decides when the message will be visible to the receivers, it is kind of like sending…More

Learning Azure, Day 1 | Servicebus

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finally dig into Azure. My first learning experience was to toy around with the Servicebus. Azure Servicebus is a message queue pretty much like the old MSMQ, but with a few more nifty features. e.g. messages can have a time to live duration, you can chose between At…More