Genetic Programming: Code smarter than you!

Here in sweden there are currently circulating some email with a challange about solving a math puzzle. It’s nothing special really but the mail goes something like this (translated): (Don’t blame me for the claims in the quote, it’s not my words) It’s said that only people with an IQ over 120 can solve the…More

Evolutionary Compression

When I first posted the “Evolution of Mona Lisa” post, there were a few questions raised regarding how well an evolutionary approach to image compression would work out. A few days later, some guys at the NVidia forms started to try out the concept using hardware accellerated graphics. That attempt was fairly successful, it was better…More

Clustering Evolution – We have lift-off

After some horrible failures trying to cluster EvoLisa, I finally succeeded! (And some creds goes out to Fredrik Hendeberg on this solution too) All of my other attempts failed because of the overhead in the communication. I was trying to synchronize things too often, simply because I didn’t see how it would be possible to…More

Hill climbing, GP, GA, EP, ES

[Edit] See Maarten’s comments for more info [/Edit] There have been allot of discussions about what sort of algorithm the EvoLisa app uses. Quite a few have claimed that it is a hill climber. So I think it’s time to set everything straight here. This is the definition of Hill climbing from wikipedia: Hill climbing attempts…More