Clustering evolution – The failures in EvoLisa

When posted about the Mona Lisa evolution demo I got a request to make it possible to run it in parallel. At first I thought; “How hard can it be?” But it turned out to be more than hard, I’m starting to think that it is impossible. The first approach that everyone points to is:…More

Evolutionary misconceptions

Since I posted my evolving Mona Lisa post I have received allot of questions and comments regarding the simulation. One fairly common statement is: “This is goal oriented evolution, in real life there is no goal” This is the first misconception, there is no “goal” in the application. The “source image” is not the goal, it is…More

Genetic Gallery

I will be collecting images generated by Evo-Lisa here and make a gallery out of it. So if you have a portrait or other image that has been Evo-Lisa’ed that you want to show, please mail them to “Roger dot Alsing at Precio dot se” For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking…More