Linq to SqlXml – GitHub

An early alpha of Linq to SqlXml is now available on github:

There is no documentation nor setup scripts so you’re on your own if you try it.
If you get it to run, be sure to add all indexes to the xml field – primary , secondary – path , secondary – value , secondary – property

Linq to SqlXML

I’m hacking along on my Document DB emulator ontop of Sql Server XML columns.

I have some decent Linq support in place now.
The following query:

var query = from order in orders
            //must have status shipped
            where order.Status >= OrderStatus.Shipped      
            //must contain foo or bar products
            where order.OrderDetails.Any(d => d.ProductNo == "Foo" || d.ProductNo == "Bar")
            //must have an order total > 100
            where order.OrderDetails.Sum(d => d.ItemPrice * d.Quantity) > 100 
            select order;

will yield the following Sql + XQuery to the Sql Server:

select *
from documents
where CollectionName = 'Order'  and 
--must have an order total > 100
          for $A in OrderDetails[1]/object/state 
                return ($A/ItemPrice[1] * $A/Quantity[1])) > xs:decimal(100))]') = 1) and 
--must contain foo or bar products
(documentdata.exist('/object/state[OrderDetails[1]/object/state[((ProductNo[1] = "Foo") or 
 (ProductNo[1] = "Bar"))]]') = 1) and 
--must have status shipped
(documentdata.exist('/object/state[(Status[1] >= xs:int(2))]') = 1)