AlbinoHorse – Class Designer

I have published my class designer component at CodePlex.

You can find binaries and sourcecode here:

AlbinoHorse is a Windows Forms control for UML Class diagrams that I’m currently developing.
The idea is to use it in our next version of ObjectMapper. (Mapper tool for ORM entities)



  1. Looks good! Is this WPF based btw? In our next designer version I’ll add more viewers on our entity model, and I’m looking for a way to display entity graphs via WPF, though there’s not a lot of stuff available for wpf, it’s winforms or buggy cruft (or both :P)

  2. It seems ShapeKeyEventArgs.cs file is missing in AlbinoHorse*.zip. Hence, I am not able to compile it.
    I will be happy if Roger looks into it and add the required file.

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