AlbinoHorse – Class Designer

I have published my class designer component at CodePlex.

You can find binaries and sourcecode here:

AlbinoHorse is a Windows Forms control for UML Class diagrams that I’m currently developing.
The idea is to use it in our next version of ObjectMapper. (Mapper tool for ORM entities)


8 thoughts on “AlbinoHorse – Class Designer”

  1. Looks good! Is this WPF based btw? In our next designer version I’ll add more viewers on our entity model, and I’m looking for a way to display entity graphs via WPF, though there’s not a lot of stuff available for wpf, it’s winforms or buggy cruft (or both :P)

  2. It seems ShapeKeyEventArgs.cs file is missing in AlbinoHorse*.zip. Hence, I am not able to compile it.
    I will be happy if Roger looks into it and add the required file.

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