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  1. Hi Roger,
    I was wondering, as parsing is your fetishism, if you had written an OCL parser/converter ?

    As you know, I am working on my side on an uml designer component (if you looked at it, you know it’s faaaar from finished), and I chose to stay close to UML notation (or at least try, I am in no way expert).
    I think that if we had an OCL parser, it could help save even more time for people coming from argouml, together, etc… And I am in no way able to write one (I don’t do parsing, except with regexp, and a baby don’t give so much time to learn, you see what I mean ;) )

    And after many search hours, I found no free .net OCL parser… I was hoping for a .net port of the dresden toolkit, but there is none.

    Hope you will find some interest in the subject…

    Thank you anyway for all the fantastic things you give to the community !

    (And sorry if it was not the proper place, I don’t know any other way to contact you)

    Best regards,

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