SyntaxBox 2.0

Due to public request I am now kicking some life into my old SyntaxBox component again.
The code base have been upgraded to C#3 and compiles for .NET 2.0 (using VS.NET2008)

The title here is a bit misleading, it is not a new major version yet.
It is a cleaned up and upgrade of the old source.

For more info visit:


  1. Thank you for this great control!

    I have a question: I am building an app that will be run on .NET 2.0 and I am thinking of using this control in that app. But this project makes use of Extension methods (in PatternExtensions.cs) for Pattern class. Would you permit me to incorporate those extension methods into Pattern class itself and then compile it against .NET Framework 2.0?

  2. This is already corrected in the SVN repository.
    They are no longer extensions but rather instance methods inside a partial class.

    I will update the downloadable source as soon as I get some time.


  3. Thank you so much for releasing this project and inject new life into it.
    I actually heard about it from dnrTV episode 77 with Miguel Castro where he talks about his new product CodeBreeze. In it he mentions Compona as one of the syntax highlighting editor components he looked into.

    I went looking for it but saw that it was no longer maintained. I’m glad though that you’re releasing it again.
    It might be perfect for the blog editor I’m thinking of developing.
    Thank you again.

  4. Thank you for an exceptional control. I have a few questions on how it functions though.

    How do I reset revision marks after save?

    Drag and Drop does not seem to function (events are not fired).

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