NWorkspace / Linq Workspace Followup

I’m still playing around with the outcome my Linq Workspace Experiment.

And I have to say that I’m fairly pleased with the result, it’s only a handful of code (less than 100 LoC) but it makes testing so much easier.

I’m so pleased with it that we will be using this in a fairly large live project, a large portion of every Swedish citizens that turn 18 will pass through this system :-)

It has enabled us to test all of our service methods with in mem data w/o ever changing,faking or mocking our repositories.

So cheers to both Erik Meijer for making Linq such a cool tool and to Jimmy Nilsson for inventing the workspace pattern :-)


  1. In a comment to an earlier post, DDD – NWorkspace Linq experiment of July 3, 2008, You said:

    “At the moment the project is just a small experiment so there is not much to show to the world. But I will continue to fiddle with it now during my vacation, so if I feel confident enough in it I will make it public. But for now it will just be my own toy.”

    You must be confident of NWorkspace if “a large portion of every Swedish citizens that turn 18 will pass through this system,” so it’s time to post the code.


  2. Has there been any more progress on this? I would love to see a full working sample, but haven’t been able to find one yet.

  3. I second Kevin’s motion … lets see some code.

    I am right in the middle of reading Jimmy Nilsson’s book … and I was thinking to myself when I got to chapter 6 (Querying) … “Why in the world doesn’t he just use LINQ … hmm, when was this book written… Oh! it’s copyright is 2006 … no wonder”

    that’s how I got to your site, after a few google searches :)

    you’ve at least inspired me, to come up with my own LINQ Workspace implementation if nothing else.

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