I’m featured on EvolutionsTeori.se

The Swedish site EvolutionsTeori.se (Theory of evolution) has featured one of my blog posts regarding genetic programming.
My code sample is used as a proof that evolution can infact occur inside a computer as a response to the opposite claims in the movie “Expelled”.


I guess I have to be a bit agnostic here;

So what does my code prove ?
That evolution works w/o the need for a designer?
Or that evolution works if it is set free inside a designed environment with designed rules ?

Your call ;-)


  1. Alas, I can’t read the Swedish on EvolutionsTeori.se, and double-alas, I don’t see a direct email for you, so triple-alas, I’m going to do something that probably violates netiquette and post a couple of self-links on connections between GP and debates about evolution:

    Boston Globe OpEd: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2005/08/29/and_now_digital_evolution/

    AI journal essay: http://hampshire.edu/lspector/pubs/spector-evolution-of-AI.pdf

    I love your post on the evolution of the Mona Lisa and I’d like to see more details and examples!

  2. Seems to me that your code had a designer. And the environment and rules too, as you state yourself.

    So I can’t see how a not-designed code, could work in a non-designed environment with non-existant rules.. ;)

    Very nice code though, well done! :)

  3. The amount of human design in an evolutionary computation system varies from system to system. In “self adaptive” evolutionary computation systems many parameters (e.g. mutation rates) can themselves evolve. In some some systems the algorithms by which programs reproduce themselves arise from randomness and evolve. It’s true that there will be always be SOME human design behind any human-produced system — but that’s just true by definition and doesn’t mean that these systems don’t demonstrate and use the “design power” of evolution. In all of these cases — including Roger’s evolution of Mona Lisas — the human sets an evolutionary process in motion (which does require some human design), but evolution itself does the “heavy lifting” of finding a good design or a solution to a hard problem.

  4. I wish ID supporters would see things for what they are instead of saying “the Mona Lisa example doesn’t equate to evolution because the original image was set as a goal by a designer”, or “the programmer designs the rules of the evolutionary algorithm”.

    The original picture is not a goal! It is an “environment”. The more the evolved image looks like the original, the better it’s chances of surviving and reproducing are. This is analogous to how a stronger/faster lion is better able to catch prey, a faster gazelle is more likely to escape predators or any number of other traits that makes an organism more likely to survive and pass on those traits, in effect making the entire population better over time.

    The programming that goes into this sort of system also has it’s analogoy in nature: the laws of physics and chemistry. Even if we didn’t know where the universe came from and thus assumed it was designed, it would still not negate the fact that within it’s bounds there is pressure to survive which drives evolution and survival of the fittest!

    I don’t even know why I bother.. People who honestly believe the universe is 6000 years old are – and will always be – completely impossible to have a stimulating argument with!

    Evolution is happening, in the real world and in Mr. Alsing’s software, it’s a fact. ID is not a scientific theory(doesn’t make prediction, can’t be proven or falsified), also a fact. So can we please stop forcing our beliefs down peoples collective throat and teach people the clear distinction between faith, religion and science? Jeez, people! Even the Pope has accepted evolution! Did he lose his faith in god in doing so? Don’t think so.

    Saying evolution doesn’t exist because the says it doesn’t is like me saying you don’t have two legs, but rather four, because says so!

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