My five minutes of glory

The last few days have been completely crazy for me.
Normally I have about 50-300 readers per day on my blog, but once I got Slashdotted that sort of changed:


I can now conclude that I have experienced my five minutes of fame and glory, so thanks for all the feedback and comments, it was fun : – )


  1. Congratulations! This is the coolest “columbo egg” thing I have seen in many years! Coming up with this application for a genetic algo and finetunig the parameters to reach such a striking result is really nothing short of awesome! You bloody rock! :-)


  2. Well deserved! :) You must know that your posts in general show a high level of intellect and skill, so I was very surprised when Mats told me you weren’t doing high-profile very tough software development. Perhaps you should consider doing that, it would otherwise be a waste of talent.

  3. If anything, you got my interest up in genetic algorithms and the likes… Thank you for that! You deserve your five minutes for every freakin’ second :) And to cite your partner in crime ‘You bloody rock!’

  4. The probelm with this is that your ability to visualize your past and future traffic has been permanently altered.

    That big peak will always dwarf everything else … so you will have to keep finding ways to exclude those weeks.

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