Programming languages and successful projects

This is just a random reflection on the current status in software dev.
The last few years there have been quite a bit of focus on languages rather than technologies, languages like Clojure, Groovy, Scala are making quite a bit of noise now.
Just recently I was watching a clip on InfoQ about Clojure based startups and success stories regarding Clojure.

Is it realy the languages that brings that success?
Isn’t it simply that the really smart guys can now find the tools that suits them the best which in turn helps them to succeed?
That is, Average Joe will most likely not chose Clojure for his projects since it’s not mainstream enough for him, so if or when he fails this will not count as a failed Clojure project.

What I’m saying is that it’s not the languages but rather people that makes projects successful.
Smart people chose the right tools, dumb people does not. Smart people have a higher success rate than dumb people.

If we remove all other languages and make everyone code Clojure, will we have more successful projects then?
I’m pretty sure we won’t.


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