Configuration and Remote support for Pigeon – Akka Actors for .NET

I’ve been working quite a bit on my Akka port this weekend.
Finally got a a configuration system in place.
Trying to stay close to how Akka works, I decided to go for a Json based configuration, this is fairly close to the real Akka configurations while still not beeing too alien to .NET developers.

A config could look something like this:

Pigeon : {
    Actor : {
        Serializers : {
            json : ""Pigeon.Serialization.JsonSerializer"",
            java : ""Pigeon.Serialization.JavaSerializer"",
            proto : ""Pigeon.Remote.Serialization.ProtobufSerializer""
        DefaultDispatcher: {
            Throughput : 100
    Remote : {
        Server : {
            Host : """",
            Port : 8080

Remoting is also treated as an extension to the ActorSystem, so there is no longer any awkward subclass, like this:

using (var system = ActorSystem.Create("MyClient",config,new RemoteExtension()))

So now it’s possible to actually use Pigeon on two different machines using the config for host/port.

Read more at:

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