MyLisp: Callstack and threading

I’ve added multi threading support to MyLisp today.

The earlier implementation of the callstack was not up to the task, so I had to rewrite it completely.
The new callstack is based on stack frames which can hold local symbols.

So behold! :-) , the first multi threaded application in MyLisp

(func FooBar () 
    (let i 0 
      (for i 0 1000000 
        (print (format "thread {0}" i)))))) 

(= thread (new-thread FooBar)) 
(call thread Start) 
(for i 0 1000000 
  (print (format "main {0}" i)))

Sure , the “new-thread” function is a bit of cheating, I dont have any generic code for .NET delegate <-> MyLisp delegate yet.
So I have to use hard coded methods to cast from and to delegates for now.

OK, this was not much of a real post, more of a “yay, it works!” shout :-)

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