Learning Azure, Day 2 | Servicebus

This is a continuation of my completely random learning experiences while trying to learn the Azure plattform. Future messages When you send a message on the Azure Servicebus, you have the option to set a ScheduledEnqueueTimeUtc property. This value decides when the message will be visible to the receivers, it is kind of like sending…More

Learning Azure, Day 1 | Servicebus

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finally dig into Azure. My first learning experience was to toy around with the Servicebus. Azure Servicebus is a message queue pretty much like the old MSMQ, but with a few more nifty features. e.g. messages can have a time to live duration, you can chose between At…More

Actor based distributed transactions

One question that often shows up when talking about the Actor Model, is how to deal with distributed transactions. In .NET there is the concept of MSDTC, Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator, that can be used to solve this problem when working with things like SQL Server etc. The MS Research project Orleans (MS Azure Actor…More

Akka.NET – Concurrency control

Time to break the silence! A lot of things have happened since I last wrote. I’ve got a new job at nethouse.se as developer and mentor. Akka.NET have been doing some crazy progress the last few months. When I last wrote, we were only two developers, now, we are about 10 core developers. The project also have…More

Deploying actors with Akka.NET

We have now ported both the code and configuration based deployment features of Akka. This means that you can now use Akka.NET to deploy actors and routers on remote nodes either via code or configuration. For those new to akka what does this mean? Let’s say that we are building a simple local actor system.…More