Introducing Akka.NET

There are a lot of things going on right now. First, Pigeon Framework now has a new name; Akka.NET. We got OK from Typesafe to use the name since we are a pure port of real Akka. We are also doing a lot of work on the core and remote libs. We now have a…More

Massive improvements to Pigeon – Akka Actors for .NET

The last few weeks have been busy busy. Me and Aaron¬†have been making some massive improvements to Pigeon. Most of the Akka features are now completed, remoting still needs some love and after that we will start porting Akka clustering. One of the latest features we have added is logging. We support the same features…More

Actor lifecycle management and routers – Akka Actors for .NET

Porting Akka to .NET I finally got around to implement full lifecycle management in Pigeon. The Pigeon actor behavior is now consistent with real Akka. The following Scala test:¬† Is now ported to .NET and shows that the lifecycle events fire in the expected order: I’ve also managed to port the fundamentals of the…More

Configuring Pigeon – Akka Actors for .NET

When I began to write the configuration support for my Akka Actors port “Pigeon”, I used JSON for the config files. I’ve now managed to get some nice progress porting Typesafe’s Configuration library too. So Pigeon now uses HOCON notation for the config files, and thus, allows for re-use of real Akka config files in…More

Configuration and Remote support for Pigeon – Akka Actors for .NET

I’ve been working quite a bit on my Akka port this weekend. Finally got a a configuration system in place. Trying to stay close to how Akka works, I decided to go for a Json based configuration, this is fairly close to the real Akka configurations while still not beeing too alien to .NET developers.…More