Lisp weekend

I’ve been reading up a bit on functional programming the last few week, the reason is just to comprehend the new features and possibilities in .NET 3.5 as much as possible. Anyway, I got a bit carried away and started to read about Lisp, and decided to learn what it’s all about. So what better…More

Making a custom Linq engine

You can download the complete source here NOTE: The download contains much more than this post. Today I’m going to show how to make a custom linq engine. So, why would you want to create your own engine? Well replicating the standard in mem engine is pretty pointless except for educational purposes. But you might need custom…More

ORM and C#3 anonymous types

Here goes my first blog post in 1+ years. Nowadays I’m playing around with VS 2008 trying to abuse all the new features as much as possible. Earlier today I was talking to Mats Helander about making a NPersist v3, for .NET 3.5. We were discussing new features such as supporting anonymous types instead of our…More

Code mangling AOP vs. Runtime Proxy AOP

 THIS IS AN OLD POST FROM MY OLD BLOG (2006)  AOP is gaining momentum in .NET and there are starting to pop up quite a few AOP frameworks. A comparison of (some of) those can be found here: List of existing approaches As you can see there are a few different approaches to accomplish AOP…More

Query Objects vs. DSL

 THIS IS AN OLD POST FROM MY OLD BLOG (2006)  Most O/R Mappers today support some sort of Query Objects. Query Objects are often some sort of semi fluent combination of objects and methods where you can build a query.   Query objects also seem to be the preferred way to build queries in code because…More