Adding Linq support to NPersist

I’m currently adding some real Linq support to NPersist. I did start on it when the first public previews of Linq was released, but then I was kind of stuck in World of Warcraft for a while (OK, slightly more than a while). But I’ve finally broken out of the world of Azeroth and I’m…More

MyLisp Editor

I’ve started to make a very simple editor for MyLisp, just so I can get some highlighting and testrun my snippets. Here is the exclusive world first screenshot ;-) Well, thats about it, source and binaries will be out once it’s more complete. (The SyntaxHighlight editor component is available for download at )More

Optimizing MyLisp

Today I stumbled across the weirdest thing. I was comparing the performance of MyLisp to L# and MyLisp was terribly slow in comparison. (Running the exact same Fibonacci code) So I checked the code of L# and they seem to do pretty much the same as I do, quite similar design and code. The only…More

Genetic programming / Math

For those of you who are interested in evolution / GP. Here is a small app that I made to reverse engineer blackboxed formulas. The application is fed with a “problem domain” The problem domain consists of multiple cases,┬álike this: Case1: When X is 1 and Y is 2 I want the result to be…More