AngularJS directive to check that passwords match – Followup

This is a follow up on angularjs-directive-to-check-that-passwords-match by Bruno Scopelliti. I found Bruno’s blog a while back when I started reading about AngularJS. I started out by using the directive that is described in his blogpost but later dropped it in favor for a rewrite in “the Angular way”. Bruno’s example relies on JQuery and DOM-event in order…More

AngularJS and SEO – Part 2 – Title and meta description

This is a follow up on AngularJS and SEO – Part 1 Getting your site in the Google and Bing index may be the most important step but you still need to optimize your content for searchability. e.g. you will have to deal with title tags and meta description for each page in order to…More

AngularJS and SEO – Part 1 – Get your JS site indexed

In this series we will go through a few steps on how to make your AngularJS site crawlable by google and other search engines. Note: This part does apply to Knockout, Backbone and other frameworks to. First, there are a few misconceptions floating around on how this works, lets clear those out first: Google bot…More