DDD – Prentity?

This post is actually a question: Is there any word for an entity/object that not yet have any value to the domain at hand? e.g. an entity like a document that can be edited until some point in time where it gets processed and the result is then used in some domain action. Lets say…More

Started doing some graphics again

I’ve started doing some graphics again, quite some time have passed since I quit my demo scene graphics days (/noice/fairlight/wrath designs) I’m paining some random flat’ish icons on my free evenings now, just to clear my head. Use if you like..More

Entity Framework to REST – EfREST

I’ve been doing a fair amout of rest API coding lately, and what struck me during this time was that it was horribly hard to actually create a clean custom REST API using .NET. Sure, there is WebApi and OData and alot of other stuff. Odata almost gets me where I want to be, but…More