Two weeks of javascript and angularjs

Been silent here for a while. I’ve started to do a bit of web dev nowdays, with AngularJS to be more specific. Building a workout site just for fun on my sparetime now, you can check it out here: Some JavaScript and AngularJS posts to follow soon. Stay tuned :-)More


Back in 2009 I blogged about F# in the cloud, an idea where you could pass an F# AST to a cloud and run it in parallell there : It now seems like some guys have done just that using python :

C# – Consume non-async API’s as async

Now that we have the new nifty async support built into C# you might wonder how you can access your old API’s as if they were async. Now before I show any code, I have to warn that the code posted here will only wrap your existing sync methods as a Task of T. You…More

swe: Wombit expanderar i Stockholm

This is a notification in Swedish. Jag har precis bytt jobb till Wombit Systemutveckling AB. Vi expanderar i Stockholm. Nu söker vi dig med djupare kompetens inom webbutveckling och då framför allt .Net, EPiServer eller Sharepoint. Våra medarbetare erbjuds kreativa och utmanande uppdrag där de får chansen att utveckla sina kunskaper hos några av Sveriges…More