More Linq support for NPersist

I’ve added a bit more Linq support for NPersist today. The nice thing is that we can “cheat” in our Linq provider, we can transform our Linq queries into NPath queries. Thus, I don’t have to touch the wicked SQL generation. I just have to produce valid NPath, which is pretty similair to Linq. Just…More

AlbinoHorse – Class Designer

I have published my class designer component at CodePlex. You can find binaries and sourcecode here: AlbinoHorse is a Windows Forms control for UML Class diagrams that I’m currently developing. The idea is to use it in our next version of ObjectMapper. (Mapper tool for ORM entities)More


MyLisp is now named DSLisp – Domain Specific (Language) Lisp. I have published it as a project on CodePlex: The new name imples the purpose of the project. To act as a host for DSL’s. The idea is to compile your DSL into the DSLisp AST. And then run your DSL inside the DSLisp engine. By…More

ObjectMapper 2008

The old ObjectMapper 2000 was and still is a great tool and I have used it in lots of projects to generate and map my entities. But one thing that is clear, is that it was way way too complex for most users, it had more settings than the space shuttle and could be a real PITA…More