Caramel – Code Generator

As some of you might know, I’ve been working on a class designer (Albino horse) off and on for a while now. I’ve also started to work on a code generator where the class designer will be used. The code generator will be a sort of hybrid between old school DB code generator and Puzzle ObjectMapper.…More

Hidden gem: BuildManager.GetType

I’ve been digging through the ObjectDataSource today and I was trying to figure out how they created the datasource instance from the type name. Now some clever reader might say “I know, I know, Type.GetType(string)”… But that’s wrong.. Type.GetType(string) requires full type names with assembly name and the whole shebang. The ObjectDataSource is able to…More

CIL – Compiler construction

I’ve created a little sample on how to make your own .NET compiler. The compiler uses Gold parser for parsing and Reflection.Emit to generate the compiled .exe file. Initially I intended to make a sample on how to use Gold parser to parse and then compile Linq expressions, thus the name GoldLinq, however, Linq have now been replaced…More