SyntaxBox 2.0

Due to public request I am now kicking some life into my old SyntaxBox component again. The code base have been upgraded to C#3 and compiles for .NET 2.0 (using VS.NET2008) The title here is a bit misleading, it is not a new major version yet. It is a cleaned up and upgrade of the…More

.NET Stateful delegates and memoization

I’ve been planning to write about stateful anonymous delegates for quite some time now so here I go :-) The common perception of anonymous delegates is that they are stateless functions used for filtering and transformations and similar things. What is less known is that anonymous delegates can hold state by binding to local variables.…More

Argument validation framework released

Download: I’ve finally got my thumb out and cleaned up and made a mini framework of the fluent argument validation concept I blogged about in my last post: The framework contains a little bit of everything. Fluent Argument Validation Specification. An extensible argument validation system based on a fluent extension method API. (Maybe I…More

Optimizing SOA Applications – C# Async Fork

[Edit 2012-12-04] Nowdays, there is better paralell support built into .NET itself. You can replace my old fork code with the following: //declare the variables we want to assign string str = null; int val = 0; //start a new async fork //assign the variables inside the fork Parallel.Invoke(() => str = CallSomeWebService (123,”abc”), ()…More