Caramel – Screenshots

I’ve been working on the class designer this weekend and made some nice progress. It is now possible to add interfaces and enums to the designer surface. (and alter their members ofc) The next thing I have to dig into is to add support for association and inheritance lines. //RogerMore

Disposer – IDisposable and Template pattern

I do a fair amount of GDI+ programming, and thus using a lot of IDisposable objects. But I also use template or factory methods alot in my apps, and that doesnt work well with disposable objects Imagine something like this: public abstract class MyRendererBase {       public void Render(Graphics g)       {             //use templated objects             Brush bgBrush = GetBackgroundBrush();…More

Caramel – Screenshots

For those who havent read my earlier posts: Caramel is a hybrid between old school code generators and Entity Mapping tool. You can also plug in your own node types in the meta tree, and thus allowing you to generate pretty much whatever you want. My intention is to release it with built in support…More

It’s a girl

Yesterday at 17:45 me and my wife arrived at the hospital here in Örebro, and 27 minutes later our daughter was born :-) Well I’ve got some sleep to catch up now :-)  More